New logo gives artists ‘rest’

Artists experience their greatest joy from writing and playing music for their fans. Booking festivals, concerts, hotels, and meals, are not typically tasks touring musicians enjoy. However, they’re necessary in contributing to the success of every artist’s musical career. Virtù Artists eliminates the headaches and hassles by taking care of the little details, and providing rest for their artists. KDW honed in on this key detail and created a new logo that literally conveys rest. The design features a musical quarter beat rest turned on its side to also depict the letter “V” for Virtù.

Virtù Logo

Redefining ‘hero’

Each year Grace Adventures, a Christian camp located near Silver Lake, MI, hosts a winter youth camp called “Winterblast.” The camp combines plenty of outdoor activities and Biblical teaching all based on a theme that will resonate with teens. KDW worked with Grace to create a Hero theme that not only illustrated the various activities, but also tied into the theme verses – John 3:16 – 21. KDW created a direct mail piece that folds out into a poster for church youth group leaders to display and promote the event.


Christmas gifts for the designer

Here’s what happens when your daughter (also a graphic designer) buys you gifts.

Kevin Kyser

Does design matter?

I guess it all depends. It depends on if you can ever pinpoint a time when something so visually beautiful stopped you in your tracks. Maybe you couldn’t take your eyes off the smooth lines of a sports car. Maybe you admired the architecture of a historic building, or were tempted to buy a toaster simply because it looked cool. Perhaps you marveled at the intricate lines in a single leaf while on a hike. It’s the reason you choose the same T-shirt — even when it’s dirty. It’s why you can’t stop looking at the poster hanging in your room. It’s why no one else is allowed to use your favorite coffee mug. Design not only matters, it has the power to: excite, motivate, inspire, invite, repel, create a mood, call to action, leave a lasting impression, make a difference. If design matters to you, we should talk. Email me at