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Does design matter? I guess it all depends.

It depends on if you can ever pinpoint a time when something so visually beautiful stopped you in your tracks. Maybe you couldn’t take your eyes off the smooth lines of a sports car. Maybe you admired the architecture of a historic building, or chose to buy a toaster simply because it “looked cool”. Perhaps you marveled at the intricate lines in a single leaf while on a hike. It’s the reason you choose the same T-shirt to wear over and over again. It’s why you never tire when you gaze at the framed poster hanging in your home. It’s why you display your favorite coffee mug on your desk, so everyone can see the cool logo.

Design not only matters, it has the power to: excite, motivate, inspire, invite, repel, create a mood, call us to action, make a difference, leave a lasting impression.

Hi, I’m Kevin Kyser. I’ve spent the last 30+ years practicing design in a variety of industries. I’ve been blessed to work with some very talented people, picked up some awards along the way, but mostly enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with clients and students.

Design is all around us. It is — and always will be — my primary focus.

If design matters to you, give me a call. I think we’ll have a lot to talk about.



In 2008, I founded Kyser Design Werks with nothing more than a laptop and a lot of faith. I converted a spare bedroom into an office, and began making calls to secure clients. While I had built a solid portfolio over the years, I knew I needed to make a bigger impact to potentially attract more clients. I convinced my wife to sell our reliable sedan, and purchase a used VW Beetle with the sole purpose of converting it into a rolling billboard to advertise my business. During the next four years the KDW Beetle roamed the streets of West Michigan turning heads, and even earning some press coverage. These days the bug roams the streets in anonymity. But every once-in-a-while I smile when I think about its former days.




A matter of perspective.

Perspective is about observing, paying attention to details, and looking at things from a different angle. It’s also critical when meeting with a client for the first time. We have a conversation. You speak. I listen and ask questions — usually a lot of them. From my perspective, it’s important to learn about you, your business, and specific project goals — about where you’ve been, and where you want to go.

I call it Brandshift.

I also work with established organizations whose communications efforts have not yet reached their full potential. They’ve come to the conclusion they need help to get to the next level. For these clients, I developed a concentrated, in-depth process called “Brandshift.” As the name suggests, this process makes a concerted effort to go in a new direction — forward. Sound interesting? Email Kevin to learn more


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“Kevin is an incredibly talented and creative professional who listens to his clients, learns about their needs and goals, and builds custom branding and marketing plans based on those needs. I love working with Kevin Kyser and recommend him highly.”

Chad D. Lerch Digi Marketing Pros

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Located near Michigan’s West Coast



If you’re looking for a trusted resource who provides exceptional personalized service, a partner who knows when to listen and when to lead, and an expert who delivers creative solutions that actually get results —
Let’s get to werk!

Give me a call at 616-607-6027, or email me below to schedule a Coffee & Coasters meeting.

I look forward to hearing from you — Kevin

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